A little break

Hi everyone,

I know it has been very quite here recently. This is because Jordan and I are currently working a bit more on the layout of the blog. You will hear from us soon:)

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One step further!


Yay! Today was another BIG day!
We are again one big step further.
Today is the day when I quit my job. I gave 10 weeks notice but now it is official:)
I was very nervous to resign because we have had a lot of staff resigning recently. That was also the reason why I wanted to give a lot of notice. A good chance to get a new staff member who I can show how to work with my clients.

On the one side it was really sad because I am working in a great team and I enjoy my work a lot. I not only professionally like my work, but I enjoy coming to work, talking to colloquies and seeing my clients. Being on shift is like a reality show with crises pretty much every day and real challenges.  But we handle them in a team and can rely on each other!
On the other side it felt just amazing! Actually saying that I will resign because I am going on a world vacation was a great feeling. Before today I already thought the trip felt real to me but it was nothing in comparison to my feeling today. Im gleaming and buzzing and it feels like hundreds of little ants inside my body. We are really going to do this. I am so excited and I just cant stop smiling. What an amazing feeling!

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The preparation

With July coming closer our planning reaches the next level. The excitement grows and it seems to become more real. Most conversations are around our trip and we wake up randomly in the middle of the night to share ideas we just had. What a great feeling!

We are still waiting for our bikes to be finished but started looking at our equipment and things which need to be organised before leaving.

Luckily I got all my vaccinations already in Germany but Jordan is getting there, too. He arranged an appointment at the doctor at the end of the week and will get all of them soon.

While doing an equipment check we also realised that there is still quite a bit which we will need to get. We decided for example to leave our awesome Tatonka Kiruna tunnel tent at home and get a free standing one which might be easier to use in a lot of countries. We also started contacting potential sponsors and are currently waiting patiently.

Families and friends slowly start to realise that we are actually going and are getting excited, too.
Only 110 days to go!

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Hey there! Welcome to the journey. Flying from New Zealand to Bangkok on the 26th of July 2015 Anna and i plan on travelling down to Singapore and then back up again all the way to Germany by bicycle, we will cycle together to Anna’s family home in Hückelhoven.  A trip of at least 24 months, lots of kilometers, 2 continents and a unknown number of countries. Find here the blog entries, photos and videos from this adventure!

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